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Welcome to Fidelity Savings and Loan! We have created a special section of our website for you to quickly access information that covers key dates and events. Also included are frequently asked questions related to the merger.

We are happy to provide additional help as needed.
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Getting Started

Fidelity Savings and Loan and Washington Savings Bank came together under the Fidelity Savings and Loan name on 5/1/2020 as a result of a merger that combines the strengths of two long-standing, well-regarded, community-focused banks.

On Saturday, September 19th, all Fidelity Savings and Loan locations will not be open in preparation for broadening your banking options.

Beginning Monday, September 21st, we will have four new, convenient branches located in Northeast Philadelphia, expanding your network to 11 locations.

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Merger Booklet

This booklet serves as a resource guide to provide information about what to expect over the coming weeks and how to prepare for a smooth transition. It has a robust question and answer section and explains the transfer of account process along with a list of branch office locations and bank products and services.

A conversion of our data processing systems will occur on 9/21/2020 to bring all offices together to operate on a single platform and under the Fidelity Savings and Loan name.

Please take some time to review this disclosure booklet to learn more about what you can expect over the coming weeks. We look forward to welcoming you into the Fidelity Savings and Loan family and to helping you reach your financial goals for many years to come.

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